Product Code: LOVEPEACE-WH
Availability: Made to order (allow 2-4 weeks)

Wall hangings (by Tom & Peggy) are a stylish different way to display a picture, ideal for homes that don’t want to put holes in their walls to hang pictures off, these wall hangings only require 2 sticky hooks (not supplied), they cover 60cm x 140cm of wall space so will definitely make an impact in your room of choice.  And just to extend the uniqueness of this product they some wall hangings are embellished with leather straps with beads or tassels to give it that layered look.


"Love peace joy... Its all about grass roots, fresh food, drink lots of water,  drive less...walk, board games, family discussions at dinner time, help your neighbour...become friends, learn about your heritage, spend time with family and friends, volunteer, embrace other cultures..their food is exciting, accepting that we are all the same....yet unique individuals, stop judging people, grow your own produce, have a couple of chooks in the backyard, go for bike rides, recycle waste...get creative, conserve energy... Share a blanket, collect rain water, home cooking, donating, play sports, be apart of a club,  get passionate with a cause, don't be afraid to show emotion, protest against the world system, believe in yourself,  love, have adventures, challenge yourself, laugh, find the positive in any situation , dump negativity, joy, make your clothes or buy preloved clothes, smile, give loads of affection, tell someone you care, be a good listener, don't dwell in the past, have no regrets, you always have a choice, find a job/career/business that you will be happy in.. And that you will make others happy being in, save your loose change, ask yourself do i really need that item, think before you open your mouth, bless a family with groceries, look out for each other, peace, fine the true meaning of success, protect your environment, don't use plastic throw outs of any source, plan your shopping, set goals, what do you want to achieve in your life time, stop and take a breath, leave a legacy that you will be at peace with, be honest, help, be thankful for what you have, encourage,  do a random gift of kindness, speak positive words over your children...don't tear them down...they are our future, appreciate the little things, don't brag or boast,  send a card or letter through the post, honour and help the elderly, pay someones bill, have a holiday in your backyard, don't take what isn't yours to have, get creative on a budget, go on a date and use public transport, practice what you preach, respect, act on your opinions...don't just blow hot air, enjoy the beauty of nature...its free, only give advice when its been asked for, learn to observe, get rid of the clutter...only keep what matters the most to you, look after your health, keep learning, dream....  Tom & peggy XO"